Full Flex Offroad - "All In" DVD intro. 

Music - "Exhale"

Adidas Boost Advert - Slovenia
Music - "Hammerhead"

Extreme Events India promo vid

Music - "Ratchethead"

Last Paradise Movie Clip #1

Music - "Hidden Secrets"

Superhumanmag - Tucker Hibbert Feature

Music - "Hammerhead"

MD behind the scenes at Phil Heath Classic

Music - "Hammerhead" & "Jolt"

Sideshow Collectibles

Music - "Dark Cinematic Action"

Crushpix Video Productions

Music - "Epic Cinematic Drums" (Starts at 1:22)

Deus Ex Machina Movie Trailer
Music - "Before The Storm"
Last Paradise Movie Clip #2
Music - "Dreamtime"
Casio G Shock Advert - Turkey
Music - "Cinematic Drums Chase Scene" (Starts at 00:40)

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